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The history of the Pamela Henson brand begins in 1993. Rider Pamela Henson could not get the idea of creating trousers that fit perfectly out of her head, as she missed the perfect fit of her sports trousers. At a café in Amsterdam, when she saw a woman wearing jodhpurs and a tight-fitting blouse in an adaptation of the style, she knew the time was right to turn this idea into a collection.


The Pamela Henson brand was born. The style’s heritage and DNA lay in a conviction in finding a perfect fit, down to the nearest millimetre, for the trousers women like to wear. French savoir-faire, quality Italian materials and German thoroughness in manufacturing became the trademark of the brand.


Not only did equestrian glamour quickly became the trend in Paris and Milan, but a reputation for a perfect fit was soon established and it soon made its way into both national and international multi-brand stores.


As well as the core collection, there have been numerous cooperations, including with Jil Sander, who included Pamela Henson trousers in her own range. Pamela Henson trousers add the perfect finishing touch to designer styles and guarantee a perfect sporty look around the clock.





The selection of styles and materials is based on international trends, with a constant eye on the brand’s heritage and the customer’s requirements.


Quality is our top priority. Love and attention to detail from the design of the collection through to the many stages of production and refinement, most of which are by hand. Everything is in the hands of specialists in their fields.


The brand and the collection have now been developing into a specialist trouser collection for more than 25 years. Our fit emphasises a slim silhouette and is really comfortable to wear. We also add in some surprises in the form of blazers, special jackets or accessories that go well with the range. Pamela Henson is also renowned for its excellent quality in terms of chic, style, workmanship and design.


For many years, the Pamela Henson Collection has been produced by Cavallo Albert Sahle GmbH in Bad Oeynhausen, one of the leading German manufacturers of equestrian wear. Cooperation based on partnership with dealers and customers, perfect all-round product service and an international design team guarantee what our brand credo entails. With a love for materials and creating perfect-fit luxury products which deliver even more than they promise. Pamela Henson is about classic modern quality and fit combined with international chic.